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Conference papers

  1. Nuri, P. (November, 2023). Complexities and multiplicities: A characterisation of education policymaking and policy enactment in Kurdistan [Accepted symposium paper]. Reimagining education policies in the Global South: Between reforms and resistances. AARE Conference, Melbourne.
  2. Nuri, P. (Nov/Dec. 2022). Beyond policy demands: Where teacher beliefs and policy rationales meet. Presented. AARE Conference.
  3. Nuri, P. (May 2022). Policy Flux: The state of policymaking in Iraqi Kurdistan. VESAL Conference. More here
  4. Nuri, P. (May 2021). Transforming KRI education: An examination of the logics of modernisation. A paper presented at the Soran University’s Better Future Through Education: Perspectives and Policy Symposium. More here
  5. Nuri, P. (Nov. 2021). Modernising Education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: A Confluence of Local and Global Forces. Presented AARE Conference.
  6. Nuri, P. (Sep. 2020). Shaping the Present: A Genealogical Analysis of Kurdistan Region K12 Education Policy. Presented at the annual Monash Education Research Community (MERC) Conference. More here
  7. Nuri, P. (April 2018). School Culture and School Improvement: A Kurdistan Region Higher Education Case. 9th International Visible Conference on Educational Studies and Applied Linguistics. Erbil, Iraq. Role: Presenter.
  8. Nuri, P. (April 2017). Retrospective Miscue Analysis with An Adult ESL Kurdish Reader. The International Teacher Education Conference. Harvard University Campus. Cambridge, MA, USA. Co-presenter, Holly Johnson.
  9. Nuri, P. (April 2016). Recreational Reading Effects on Teaching: From the Perspectives of Pre-service Teachers. 7th VESAL Conference.
  10. Nuri, P. (April 2016). Why Do We Make Mistakes When We Read? 7th VESAL Conference.
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